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COMPANY HISTORY - A history of excellence in infant nutrition

Small beginnings

From a small family business founded in 1921 in Friedrischsdorf, Germany, Milupa has grown to become a world leader in infant nutrition.

The company was founded by Emil Pauly, a descendent of early eighteenth century French immigrants to Germany.

The business was originally established as a producer of high class confectionery and biscuits and soon became renowned in the Friedrichsdorf area for the outstanding quality and superb taste of the products they produced.

Milupa is born

In 1930 Emil decided that his now expanding business needed a new name. The name chosen was Milupa, created by Emil using the last three letters of his first name and combining them with the first three letters of his second name, Pauly. However, Emil didn’t like the immediate result, “Milpau” so he remixed the “ingredients” until he was happy and the famous Milupa name was born.


Building on the success of the baking business, the Pauly family identified a need for quality infant foods and in 1933 began to develop these products. These were initially cereal based meals and were the first Milupa babymeal products.

The same approach to quality that had made the Pauly family bakery so successful was transferred to the Milupa babyfeeding business and the products were a huge success. Withing twenty years, Milupa was the number one babyfeeding company in Germany, with a growing reputation throughout the world for research into infant nutrition.

Building on this success, Milupa began a long term programme of research into the composition of breastmilk in 1954, with the aim of producing a formula milk as close as possible to breastmilk, for those mothers who chose not to breastfeed. This resulted in Milupa launching its first infant formula mild in Europe in 1964 called “Milumil”.

Today, Milupa is part of Danone, leading global food and beverages manufacturer.

When you choose Milupa, you build your baby’s future on a reassuring past. With over 70 years’ experience of producing balanced, nutritious babyfoods, we are a brand trusted by parents across the world, with a firm commitment to research and development.

Milupa baby cereals were introduced in Canada over 10 years ago. Van de Water-Raymond Ltd was appointed Distributor for Canada in 2001.

Milupa baby cereals are available across Canada via Grocery, Mass and Drug channels.