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There are 12 different varieties of Milupa baby and toddler cereals distributed over 4 stages: starter cereals, from 6 months (cereals with single fruits), from 8 months (mixed cereals with fruit and vegetables), from 12 months (transition to whole milk and new textures).

All stages have different colored packaging making it easier for you to choose the appropriate step for your baby.

When comparing Milupa baby cereals to other baby cereals, consider the additional cost of adapted milk and jarred fruits or vegetables you need to purchase in order to have the same nutrition balance.

Milupa offers excellent value as each box contains 1 liter of skimmed milk powder in the baby cereals and whole milk powder in the toddler cereals. Milupa is easy to prepare and convenient. Just add water.

Milupa baby cereals and Milupa toddler cereals taste great since they are made from wholesome ingredients. Moreover, Milupa meals and cereals contain essential vitamins and minerals including iron and are therefore a healthy contribution to the diet of older infants.